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A reminder when tweeting recruits

Marvin Gentry-USA TODAY Sports

Really didn't want to have to do this, but everyone's going back to school today for a quick lesson in how to use social media to interact with recruits. Because some people aren't using it the right way.

You may or may not have seen Shai McKenzie's recent tweets.

I know, I know. Not everyone is guilty of this. And they may not even be Pitt fans, but rather people pretending to be. But guys, please do not antagonize recruits on Twitter. They are 17-18 year old kids who likely will react in a similar manner each time. It sets a bad example for Pitt fans everywhere when a few go after a kid on Twitter. Whether or not McKenzie ultimately picks Pitt is yet to be seen, but sending him these kinds of tweets isn't going to help Pitt's cause.

You can send tweets to recruits if you want, but don't bash a kid for his decisions. It can only hurt Pitt in the long run.

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