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Pitt quarterback Tra'Von Chapman will not return

Jared Wickerham

Pitt announced on Friday that quarterback Tra'Von Chapman will not be allowed to return to the football program.

Chapman had been suspended for an alleged assault and the university decided to not bring him back. Interestingly enough, it almost sounded as if there was a good chance he would return to the team.

The move is in line with the recent hard stance on discipline set by head coach Paul Chryst. Chryst has dismissed several players and did not allow running back Rushel Shell to return after he left the program and reportedly tried to get back into Pitt.

More on this later, but this leaves a glaring hole on the roster in terms of quarterbacks for the future. However, with Chad Voytik on the team and two incoming freshmen next year to go along with backup Trey Anderson, the Panthers at least have some depth in that position going forward.