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ALL THE LINKS: Weekly Pitt link dump

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Hi all - pretty exhausting weekend after the draft. Links are a little short and there's no music, but I did manage to throw together a few things. And, oh yeah, don't forget to check our NFL Draft page for all of the articles on Pitt players, including the undrafted free agents that have signed with teams or are expecting to sign. There was a ton of activity on that front this weekend, obviously.

The ACC had the second-most drafted players out of all conferences - just lots of talent in this league

ACC meetings begin today

Pitt's APR ranked in the top 10%

Devin Street hopes to reward his new team, the Dallas Cowboys  - All fifth-round picks don't make it, but my guess is that Street has a solid career

Former Pitt coach Ben Howland could land Oregon State job - really, I'm surprised there's not been more interest in Howland. His last few years at UCLA weren't great, but he's a coach with strong postseason experience.

The Pitt News calls Penn State's James Franklin the anti-Paul Chryst - shots fired

Athletic director Steve Pederson values academics

The Trib spotlighted baseball player Stephen Vranka

Tom Savage's maturity impressed Houston head coach Bill O'Brien

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