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Adrian Peterson favorite to win NFL's rushing title over Lesean McCoy

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

A while back, I took a look at comparing former Pitt running back Lesean McCoy to Adrian Peterson in light of Shady's comments that he was the best rusher in the NFL. Regardless of who comes out on top, it seems like those are the two top guys in the league right now.

These days you can bet on everything and the NFL's rushing title is one of those things. McCoy falls just short of Peterson, who is favored to win it again after McCoy won it last season.

Either one winning it right now wouldn't be much of a surprise. Others such as Jamaal Charles may even reach up and grab the title this year. McCoy seems to have momentum on his side, but even though he was always a focal point for opposing defenses already, you can bet that theywill be gunning for him a little more after he was the league's top rusher last season.

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