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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: Shaquille Doorson commits to Rutgers

Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

As we mentioned yesterday, former Pitt basketball recruit Shaquille Doorson decommitted from the Panthers. The big man was let out of his LOI and officially out of the program.

Doorson was said to have visited Rutgers earlier this year and now there's word that he's officially headed there, barring some paperwork. Per that post from Tuesday, the news took a long time to hit as Doorson has reportedly been out of his commitment since January.

ZagsBlog had a really interesting quote from his coach at Canarias Basketball Academy earlier:

"He’s 6-foot 11, 265 pounds, he’s a big human being," CBA coach Rob Orellana told then. "He’s only been playing for two and a half years. He’s an unbelievable runner North and South. He has great hands. He’s a hard-worker. He just doesn’t know the game right now, he doesn’t understand the physicality of the game right now. He doesn’t understand the concepts right now. It’s going to take time.

Doorson, by all accounts, was going to be a project. I'll be honest, though - this makes him seem light years away. Some people expected him to come in and contribute (even in a minor role) right away simply because the Panthers have some significant questions at center this season. But based on what his coach said, that doesn't seem like it would have been possible. At all.

Essentially, Pitt ended up trading Doorson and his four years for Derrick Randall, a player that has produced little in three seasons. Jim, however, made a good point in the comments yesterday in that with only one year left, Randall's departure actually frees that scholarship up earlier and that may be more valuable than giving Doorson his four years.

Like I said yesterday, you hope that this isn't something that comes back to bite the Panthers.

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