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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: Shaquille 'Shaq' Doorson leaves the Panthers, visits Rutgers

David Manning-USA TODAY Sports

Pitt's roster situation for 2014-15 seemed a bit unsettled, but things appeared to get a little clearer today. Incoming big man Shaquille 'Shaq' Doorson apparently won't be coming to Pitt after all, as reported by CBS Sports' Jon Rothstein:

An interesting thing of note is that Kevin Gorman tweeted that Doorson was actually released from his LOI back in January. Pitt's continued pursuit of players even when they had reached the scholarship limit now makes more sense with that taken into consideration.

There were lots of things at play here, it seems. The biggest, however, may have been that the Panthers were over the limit in terms of scholarships for next season, so someone had to go. Doorson's exit now gets the Panthers back under the limit after they signed a late recruit earlier in the year, Cameron Johnson.

The move seems to indicate that center Joseph Uchebo, who had some mobility issues last year in recovering from a knee injury, will be staying on with the Panthers. That's not set in stone, obviously, but now that Pitt is back under the limit, there's really no roster issue left for Jamie Dixon to correct. His name was thrown around quite a bit as a player that might not return, but for now, it appears he'll be back.

Lastly, because Doorson was already signed, this was surely a mutual agreement type of deal. He was already officially a member of the team (barring qualifying) and signed to the program. So for better or worse, head coach Jamie Dixon really felt like this was something they could overcome.

What's next for Doorson? We don't know for sure, but per Rothstein's tweet, there seems to be some interest by him in Rutgers. On the Banks, SB Nation's Rutgers blog, took a look at Doorson earlier today.

Obviously, what you don't want to see here is Doorson excel and turn into a star. Not that we're rooting against him, here ... it would just be pretty painful to see him leave and turn in a nice career somewhere else. The fact that Pitt let him go appears to suggest that they think there's more potential in Uchebo and Randall. That's a bit surprising considering the minimal impact those guys had last year, but in cases like these, the only thing to do is to trust Dixon's judgment.

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