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Poll of the Week: Should Pitt Redshirt Bookser?

With news of true freshman Alex Bookser moving up to the two-deep, what should determine if he plays or red-shirts this year?

With players like Matt Rotheram, should Pitt force Alex Bookser into the lineup?
With players like Matt Rotheram, should Pitt force Alex Bookser into the lineup?
Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sport

Alex Bookser has moved up to the two-deep rotation and now the question begins. As reported earlier in the week here, Chryst now has a decision to make and it seems he's prepared to wait us out on deciding if Bookser will redshirt this season or not. There are a few different opinions on red-shirting players and when you should do it and when you should not. Sometimes you are in desperate need at a certain position and you simply don't have the luxury of redshirting players.  That is why the Bookser question is such a complex one. For the first time in years, Pitt seems to be pretty deep on the offensive line with returning players such as Matt Rotheram and T.J. Clemmings.

There are instances where you absolutely need a freshman to step up and play in his first year and with the defensive line and the cornerback position, that is the case. Players like Avonte Maddox and Rori Blair will more than likely HAVE to play. While Maddox seems to progressing nicely, you just hope Blair can hold his own with trying to get back to where he was before the stroke. The offensive line was in this situation last year, but did they put themselves there? Everyone wanted to see Dorian Johnson out there right away and they got their wish, but when Adam Bisnowaty went down, it was Johnson who got the call and after the whole season played out, maybe that wasn't the best option. Senior Juantez Hollins finally stepped in and played pretty well the rest of the way and finally Johnson showed flashes at guard in the Pizza Bowl last season.

This year seems to be a situation where Pitt would have the luxury of redshirting Bookser and making sure he is ready when he steps on the field.  The question here is good is he? How much would he play? These are all factors into whether he steps on the field this season or not. What are the terms you see where a freshman should step on the field his first season?

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