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The Turning Point: Onsides for Everyone!

Pick an onsides kick, any onsides kick! Which one do you want to talk about? Both had a hand in Pitt doing the unthinkable.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

In between Pitt's awful fourth quarter performance, I'm left with the daunting task of picking a turning point for Friday's bowl game. For me, I couldn't get away from the two muffed onside kicks.

Which onsides kick should I talk about? Does it really matter which one I talk about? I could even talk about Houston's initial drive to start the comeback - the two-and-a-half minute, 83-yard drive without using any timeouts. With everything that has happened to them this season, wouldn't you expect them to have a little more urgency to lock up a win? I guess not.

Top commit for 2015, Jordan Whitehead, has to be salivating watching Pitt's secondary collapse out there on the last three drives. I could pick the two-point conversion or Tyler Boyd's last drop if I wanted to do that, too.

Just so I have it documented, I'll take the first onsides kick with under three minutes and 41 seconds remaining as the official turning point of the game because, if the Panthers recover that, it all ends there. Instead a spinning squib goes right through Bam Bradley's legs and is recovered by the Cougars. That wasn't the only mistake on the day, but things snowballed from there.

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