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Pat Narduzzi lands SEC Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney, per reports

The Arkansas Offensive Coordinator will reportedly be the new leader of the Pitt offense.

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

It certainly seems Pitt is making a larger investment in the football program based on this news.

Pitt has hired Arkansas Offensive Coordinator Jim Chaney, per Sports Illustrated and other reports. He was making over $550k at an SEC program in Arkansas.

The general feeling seems to be Chaney was unhappy with Bret Bielema's meddling in the offense, and was forced to run the ball more than he would have liked, or so it's rumored. FootballScoop also mentioned on their show that Chaney had been looking to go to Texas A&M to do their offensive line. Six of the nine Arkansas assistants recently signed extensions. Chaney, along with wide receivers coach Michael Smith and running backs coach Joel Thomas did not. There is some talk he may bring one of those guys with him, but that's just a rumor, and I think it's unlikely .  We'll have a more detailed run down of Chaney later on.