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Panther of the Game: Chad Voytik

Ray Carlin-USA TODAY Sports

Chad Voytik certainly had competition for this week's award for Panther of the Week. Tyler Boyd finished with over 100 yards receiving and despite a slow start, James Conner put up over 90 yards and two touchdowns. Voytik put up a game effort yesterday with 222 yards passing and 40 yards rushing in Pitt's monumental collapse against Houston in the Armed Forces Bowl.

Almost as important as all the stats though, Voytik was not on the field for either of Houston's successful onsides kicks OR on the field for any of the last three defensive efforts. He did not exactly light the world on fire during the his last gasp effort, but that was a hole that the Panther special teams and defense put him in. Not too mention that the sophomore AB still almost gave Chris Blewitt a chance to win the game for Pitt, but Tyler Boyd dropped what would have been a massive gain to put them in field goal range.

Voytik certainly had his detractors during the year, but he progressed well throughout the season and looks to have a bright future. If he continues to improve, he'll prove to be even more of a weapon than he is now and could firmly put all past critiques of his play in the rearview mirror.

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