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Cardiac Spill: Hello America, Here Is Pitt

Hello, world! Looks as though Pittsburgh Panthers is ranked again (in one poll)! They have surely not in your thoughts and so it would be good for you, ("sports" fan") to learn about the team and what they are about (good) again, so you can go to chats and game parties and have a good time talking about them, and knowing,

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Hello, my new and good friend!

The sun shine is a soothing shine bright yellow, and all the clouds have been scared away by all the good in the Good world. A small, happy bird. Praise to you: The Pittsburgh Panthers are ranked again! In football. Hello nation, let me tell you about this team that you have to pay to national attention again. In football.

First, a bit of history! The Pittsburgh Panthers started like a hundred years ago, when roving Mountain Bandits stole coins and treasures from our University's basement. Back then (1920?) they thought there would be no more war, that we had had the Last War, and so Warfare was no longer an option. (It was too bad I heard we were good at fighting back then we were very good and we would have broke their bones if we were fighting I will break your bones). Instead, they went down to the Bandit's mountain houses and competed for it, a sport. And Treasures were had many times in those days. Eight times! wow.

But then War happened again-

&Since War happened again, Pittsburgh Panthers has only won one full trophy: 1976, when Tony Dorsett (a good person) put on his nice blue suit and told everyone how shameful it would be to all of them if he, a good person in a nice blue suit, was not given a major award. He said it loud and he said it proud. He was a running back. and His pride was so great, and his suit was so blue, that not only did he receive a trophy (major trophy), but we all did! And this is why his number is retired. And we are proud of that trophy and we have more than many have, even now, and we are respectful.

Hey: Speak of retired numbers, are you? Tony Dorsett is not the only one who has a retired number: There are others:

  • You have certainly heard of Dan Marino, he is very famous and very good. His number is retired.
  • Have you seen Saturday Night Live in the 1980s? Are you from "Chicago Superfan?" Mike Ditka is a real man and he has a retired number. Get your hot dog, here! (89)
  • Larry Fitzgerald Is Number One
  • People often ask questions about who was #42 Marshall Goldberg? Or #65 Joe Schmidt? Because these are men lost to history like tears. All photos are black and white, all game footage from back then (before War?) is made of delicate vellum that may only be handled with archivist's gloves. It is also Cannot Be Watched. but our fathers retired the number(s) and that is why we respect it, what they have done.
  • Mark may.
Recently, former Panthers have been tearing it up in today's NFL. They include the aforementioned Larry; the Island, Revis; the Sean, McCoy; and Aaron Donald who is Not A Duck (haha! just a joke) but instead he is a very large and strong man who lives in St. Louis and he is a very large and strong man who tackles your friends, but he is not their friend. and now on New England's Patriots Dion Lewis, who we always knew would be a great player because he is a great player. We are proud, and respectful, and their success is proof.

Soon, they will be joined by many of the hot shots on the current Pittsburgh Panthers. They current include James Conner, who, despite being broken, is still the reigning Best for the year (local); Shakir Soto; a kicker, and several others. But who I want to talk about is of course, of Tyler Boyd, who is going to make perhaps a million of dollars in this a fair universe. So pay attention to this next part if you enjoy the NFL. Because here are brief points about that is Tyler Boyd:

  1. Tyler Boyd does the catching on this team
  2. and Only Tyler Boyd does the catching
  3. I can tell you that because it does not matter, he (Tyler Boyd) will catch the ball
  4. Tyler Boyd does not own a blue suit (maybe) but he deserves awards (yes)
  5. Tyler Boyd gets to be line leader and also he gets to pick out of the prize bucket because he is Student Of The Week
  6. If I had a dollar,
  7. Clairton What Up!!!!.
The worst player on our roster is Gordon, who is very bad. We have taken him off the roster in hopes that he is tricked into believing he is gone (like a bird can be convinced it is nighttime by a blanket), and it will be dark day if Gordon ever steps on the field again. A large, sad bird. Please: do not buy gordon's jersey. Do not encourage Gordon.

Many teams have one quarterback.

As a season outlook ahead, and it would include that there are six games remaining. Can the Panthers stay ranked? Only God knows, but also I know: yes! Because with several games upcoming, they are going to win. Syracuse for instance, there are no guarantees in life - and yet I feel good. Miami, also I feel good for a win. Fly a plane! (a reference) or maybe Duke? UNC? Louisville? Notre Dame? Two wins is all that would make us all. To Seven wins. What a day
Look forward to it.

Thanks! See you at the Pinstripe Bowl, thanks,.

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