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Poll of the Week: Loss of the summer league Pro-Am

Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Paul Zeise dropped the news on Wednesday that the local summer league Pro-Am games are (for now, anyway) no more. Citing a variety of reasons, the league won't be run this year and that means you won't be able to get early looks at Pitt players as they tune up for the season.

For years, the Pro-Am has provided a quandary of sorts simply because while it was great to see some players perform well, it often didn't translate into the regular season. Still, it was a nice way to get fans through a slow period in Pitt sports with nothing else really happening.

The big benefit for me was always getting a chance to check out the new players as well as to see how guys had developed (their physical appearance) to that point in the offseason. But for a lot of people, the games were completely meaningless and many never went to a single game.

So with the news that the league is canceled for at least this season and possibly beyond, what are your thoughts? Stephen will have more on this a little later, but for now, vote in the poll below and let us know if you'll miss the league.

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