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James Conner answers questions about defense, opponents, and ... pizza

Jeremy Brevard-USA TODAY Sports

ACC Media Days have officially kicked off and representing Pitt down at the event in North Carolina is running back James Conner and defensive lineman Darryl Render. On Monday, Conner answered fan questions via Twitter. Since it was Twitter, the answers were pretty brief. But he did touch on a few things that were noteworthy ... as noteworthy as you can get in a Twitter Q&A, anyway:

First things first - our own JD hit up James with a question about being labeled as a bigger back:

James was also asked if he'll be playing defense at all this year:

He said he wouldn't be so it looks like a defensive end experiment is out of the question. I actually forgot about this and hadn't even given it any thought. But after all the hype last year over it without anything coming to fruition, the thoughts of him being a two-way player kind of disappeared. That's for the best, obviously. Conner is one of the top running backs in the country and there's no sense in giving him added pressure to get him in there for a few snaps on defense.

Conner also says he is most looking forward to the Notre Dame game this season:

Then there were flat out shenanigans. Teammate Dontez Ford, for example, wanted to know why Conner couldn't bother to show up at practice.


Oh yeah, and trolls were present and accounted for, too:

Penn State gonna Penn State. I mean PennState gonna PennState. Just remember - they're 'the boss.'

Finally, on to more important things ... good to see Conner has this important answer absolutely right:

If you wanted to check out the entire exchange, here you go.

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