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Quarterback Chad Voytik could have role in Pitt game vs. Virginia Tech this weekend

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

Through three games this season, Pitt's quarterback situation has been unsettled to say the least. The Panthers finally appear ready to move forward with a full-time starter in Nathan Peterman, but incumbent starter Chad Voytik will still have a role.

Most recently, head coach Pat Narduzzi hinted in his weekly press conference that Voytik would get a shot to play this weekend against the Hokies. How much, though, is anybody's guess.

"We've been changing it up a bit. Chad [Voytik] is still getting his reps in. He ran for 118 yards last season against [Virginia Tech] so hopefully we'll get him loose this year as well."

Narduzzi also added that Voytik could even play early getting a play or a few plays in a specific package. That, of course, goes along with what Narduzzi recently said.

We'll see - I do think Pitt should try to utilize his running ability, but it's also a delicate balance because if all he does is try to run when he's in there, opposing defenses will know what's coming. If Pitt is truly giving him a package of plays, hopefully they are at least somewhat creative with it.

Involving Voytik would seem to make some sense as he was able to do some damage with his legs against the Hokies last year. For that reason, I'm hoping they involve him. But I also can't stress enough the need to stick with Peterman here unless he really starts falling apart. I've said all along that whoever the starter, that guy needs to get reps and Pitt needs to do their absolute best to stick with one quarterback going forward.

Regardless of where you come out on the quarterback debate, it's time to let one guy take the job and run with it until proven that he isn't effective.

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