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Cardiac Spill: Pitt-Florida State Secondhand Recap

For the past year or so, I've been both padding my post count and "aggregating" other people's good ideas through TWEETCAPs, the game recap that's only tweets and takes four times as long to pageload because of all the embedded media. But are they actually useful as recaps? To find out, I skipped Saturday's game and then wrote a recap based on tweets alone. (How'd I do? Please comment.)

Jamie Rhodes-USA TODAY Sports

The game starts with a bunch of guys with "B" names on the court, but FSU is still one short of a flush. Duquesne is still stuck on a bus, and Spilly is busy with a flight through ChicagoThere's some sloppy play early, but Artis leads Pitt to an early lead and things look okay for a road game, especially because FSU is playing kinda crap. However, they're also getting fouled a bunch, which is a really bad sign for a road team, and soon enough the fouls become the theme of the game. FSU takes the lead, 14-11. Wait, sorry, now they're up seven. People are real sad. Now the lead is still seven but it's way later in the game, like, all of a sudden we're thirteen minutes in. But hey, Mike Young did some cool stuff with his hairDuquesne is still stuck on a bus.

Sterling Smith makes a bunch of threes, like he's supposed to! And now Pitt is only down five. Someone's about to be very disappointed, and everyone else is regular disappointed by the defense this season. Now the half is over, and they're down ten. And on the whole, they didn't do goodHope dies.


The second half is underway, and things get a bit better thanks to James Robinson sinking some threes. Luther isn't playing good defense, but then again, who is? Sterling Smith sinks another three to cut the lead to two, because he balls until it falls, and now FSU is in the foul trouble. Back in Pittsburgh, there is snow. Artis does something, and the game is tied, and now we're at the part of the game where the lead jumps back and forth wildly for a bit. There are four minutes left in the game. Young and Artis aren't on their A-Game, which is concerning. There are two minutes left in the game. FSU keeps fouling Pitt, Pitt sinks some (but not that many) free throws, and the game is tied. And now Pitt is missing hella free throws. (...) Commercials.

Rejoice: Luther does some grown man stuff. Or maybe Artis does some grown man stuff. Or maybe they both do.

There's the usual fouling nonsense, and then Pitt gets a mysterious technical. Luckily, the ball doesn't lie. More fouling, but that's fine, because the comeback is complete. Pitt wins, 74-72. It turns out scoring is a very useful skill. Spilly's flight lands. Up goes the Pat Signal, and everything begins anew.

Duquesne is still stuck on a bus.

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