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For second straight year, Pitt football sells out of bowl ticket allotment

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

For the second consecutive season, the Pitt football team is putting together an impressive display of ticket sales for a bowl game. On Thursday, it was reported that the program's initial allotment for the Pinstripe Bowl against Northwestern has completely sold out.

That allotment was for a little more than 7,000 tickets and is very impressive by most standards considering the bowl. Last year, the Panthers sold out their first allotment as well for the Military Bowl.

As I said earlier, there are reasons to both like and dislike Pitt's bowl destination. The biggest positive in the New York bowl game is, by far, the location for people wanting to attend. It is a reasonable trip from Pittsburgh and even allows fans the chance to drive up for the game and return home in the same day if they choose.

There's little doubt that Pitt needs these sorts of turnouts to continue to prove to bowls that their fans will travel. That will ultimately lead to better bowls and give the school a better reputation for selling tickets to postseason games.

What happens next is that Pitt has requested, and will receive, another allotment. The second allotment is always less than the first and should they sell out of that (as they did last season), they can request a third allotment. That allotment would again be smaller.

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