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Cardiac Hill Bracket Challenge Winner

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

With the NCAA Tournament ending last night (and what a game), the Cardiac Hill Bracket Challenge came to an end as well.

The winner was Michael with a total score of 142. Michael not only picked the title game of North Carolina-Villanova correctly, but he also picked the Wildcats to win it all. Gregory finished in second place, also picking the title game teams, but he chose North Carolina.

Among Michael's highlights outside of picking the title game, he missed only one game in the entire South Region when Hawaii upset Cal.

Me? I was running around the morning of the day of the games trying to coordinate an office pool and never got my picks into Yahoo for this. But my Final Four was North Carolina, Michigan State, Oklahoma, and Kansas with the Tar Heels winning it all.

So in light of the end of the Cardiac Hill Bracket Challenge, show yourself, Michael, in the comments section. Many congratulations for a heck of a bracket.