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Pittsburgh Pro-Am Summer League Basketball (with Pitt) is back

Jasen Vinlove-USA TODAY Sports

After a one-year break, the Pittsburgh Pro-Am Summer League is returning.

You might remember that after several years of running, the league was canceled last year. As president John Giammarco said at the time, Pitt pulled out of the event with several players recovering from injuries. If you read the original Post-Gazette report, it was clear that there seemed to be some tension between Dixon and the league, which said that Pitt took its ball and went home.

At the end of February, the league announced it was tentatively planning to return. Now, according to the Trib, with the support of head coach Kevin Stallings, it's back. None of this is to suggest that it couldn't have come back with Dixon at the helm at Pitt. At the time of the original announcement that the league was planning to make a comeback, he was still with the Panthers. But Stallings' support of the popular league certainly helps.

Things will be slightly different this year. For one thing, it will be shortened from nearly four weeks to two with games taking place from July 6 to July 20 at Montour High School. Games will be held on Mondays and Wednesdays with the championship on the 20th. Part of the reason for the shortened schedule seems to be from Stallings' desire wanting to be with the team as much as possible, per that Trib piece.

Players from Robert Morris, Duquesne, and Youngstown State are expected to participate. No word yet on alumni players just yet.

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