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Key football matchups today around the ACC

NCAA Football: Georgia Tech at Clemson Joshua S. Kelly-USA TODAY Sports

This is a bye week for many teams in the ACC as only nine are in action. Pitt, of course, is one of those but there’s still a couple of big matchups today.

One pits No. 4 Clemson (7-1) at No. 20 NC State (6-2). The Wolfpack are probably the stiffest test that remains for the Tigers int he regular season. Clemson can’t afford a second loss and that’s especially true when it comes to one against NC State, who is in front in the Atlantic Division. An NC State win puts them a full two games ahead of everyone else and they’d be the likely representative in the conference championship game, which would also almost certainly keep Clemson out of the Playoff.

The second big matchup is No. 13 Virginia Tech at No. 10 Miami. That’s also a matchup of the top two teams in the Coastal and, as the first game will do, this one will put someone in the driver’s seat for to go to the ACC title game.

Both road teams are favored (Clemson by 8 12 and Virginia Tech by one).

Other ACC matchups this week include:

  • Syracuse at Florida State
  • Wake Forest at Notre Dame
  • Georgia Tech at Virginia

Rooting for anyone in particular today with Pitt out of action?

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