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A Panther for Life - Cardiac Hill Adds a Writer

Meet the Newest Member of our Team

Oakland v Pittsburgh Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images

Hello everyone, my name is Jordan, and my obsession with Pitt sports began on a brutally hot August afternoon in 1997. Fueled by several cans of Surge, I walked up the seemingly endless hill to Pitt Stadium with my dad. We were joined by my dad’s best friend and his son. Our pregame activities consisted of several trips to the concessions and my dad trying to convince me that the WQED tower was where the teams kicked field goals. Pitt beat the Southwestern Louisiana Ragin’ Cajuns (greatest nickname in college football by the way) 45-13 that day and I was hooked. Two years later I was lucky enough to attend the last game at Pitt Stadium.

The early days of my Pitt basketball fandom consisted of a lot of disappointment and trying to convince myself that "if Jarrett Lockhart can just get hot from the outside, they might have a chance." Adolescence was filled with Larry Fitzgerald hero worship and picking Pitt to win the National Championship every year in my bracket (yes, the 2005 team was going to be the first 9th seed to do it). When it came time for college applications, it was pretty clear where I was headed. I applied to Pitt because I was going to go there and Penn State just so I could make them waste paper mailing me an acceptance letter.

One of the highlights of my time at school was going to 13-9 and having a WVU fan with his young daughter tell me, "Thanks for ruining our Christmas" in the stadium parking lot afterward. On the other hand, I also spent money going to the Sun Bowl so not every memory was a happy one.

My writing career began with simple Facebook note basketball game recaps during senior year (2010-2011). It was a way for me to talk about something I loved and inform my friends about each game. The next year I moved to grad school (Pitt, obviously) and started a blog, which I operated for four years before the responsibilities of adulthood took over.

Currently, I am a married father of two (my daughter is 19 months and my son is due in July), working for a sports tech company.  I usually do not have a beard, but below is a photograph of my daughter and me at the Syracuse game this year. I enjoy writing about the emotion of the game and finding trends in the data such as "How much better does Brad Wanamaker shoot when he starts the night off by driving to the basket?" Although I love statistics (I was a high school math teacher for four years), I try not to include too many of them in my writing.

Although, I won’t be able to contribute as much to the blog as I would like, I am thankful to Anson for giving me the opportunity to talk about Pitt sports with fans as passionate as I am.

Hail to Pitt,