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Against the Odds: Pitt expected to win big against Youngstown State

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

With Pitt's football team facing an FCS opponent, odds for the game aren't really available. But OddsShark has at least offered a score prediction for Saturday and expects the Panthers to win big.

Their projected score is Pitt 42 (41.8, actually), Youngstown State 15.

That would satisfy most fans, I'd imagine. Pitt would score quite a few points and the defense would keep the Penguins to about two touchdowns. It would be hard to complain too much about and if everyone got out healthy, that would be about as successful a week as you could have.

I'd be a little surprised if that was the result and that seems to be in line with what most of the readers are saying, too - in our poll, about 60% think the Panthers will win by fewer than 14 points. Pitt should probably be keeping the offense pretty scaled-back in anticipation of the Penn State game - something they did last year against Villanova. I also expect them to try to play reserves quite a bit if they can get out ahead and that could keep things closer, too.

The Panthers also have some obstacles to face in the opener. And while the Panthers did win relatively comfortably against Nova last season, they've struggled with the Penguins the last two times out, including in 2015 under Pat Narduzzi's head coaching debut with Pitt.

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