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Pitt Baseball: Q&A With Head Coach Joe Jordano

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The Pittsburgh Panthers (3-1) are off to a strong start to the season. They posted a +22 run differential four games in the Sunshine State Classic this past weekend, and will look to continue that momentum in the Wofford-USC Upstate Tournament that starts today.

It’s not uncommon for a team to follow the direction of their head coach, and become a reflection of his or her personality. After my Q&A with Pitt’s head coach Joe Jordano, there should be no doubt that the Panthers are focused and locked-in. I really appreciate coach Jordano for taking time out of his busy schedule, and while on the road to answer a few of my questions.

Q1: Coach, what are you looking to see from your team the most during the Sunshine State Classic?

“We are all looking forward to seeing how we execute our plan against an opponent. We have implemented a very clear plan on each aspect of the game and we are anticipating a positive result. We are focused on how we play. We have an expectation on every pitch and being focused on things we control. We want to control our focus, energy and execution.”

Q2: Do you feel that these early season games out of state help build off field chemistry, and if so, does that usually translate in a positive way on the field?

“This team is close. That is by design. My staff understands that we want student-athletes in this program that clearly see the big picture – both on and off the field. This field is comprised of individuals that will make some personal sacrifices to be a part of something bigger than them as individuals. They are committed.”

Q3: Does playing well in February usually dictate how well you’ll play in March come ACC play?

“Not necessarily. We look at each game as it comes. We have specific objectives each day and we are going to give everything we have to meet those objectives. Our success will be based on how well we execute.”

Q4: What is the biggest thing this team needs to do in order to take a step forward this season?

“Stay healthy.”

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