Featured Fanpost: Pennsylvania with 53 programs has the most college football teams in the nation. Can you name them?

I came across this interesting article on Football Scoop. There are 53 college football teams in Pennsylvania which makes the Keystone State tops in the nation. Here's the breakdown: FCS has three teams. There are eight FBS teams. Seventeen Division II teams and twenty five teams in Division III. How many of them can you name without looking? I made the quiz on Sporcle. Link here.

If you click on the link and it doesn't work, please let me know in the comments. I appreciate any feedback. I was able to get most of them on my own. There was only one Division III program I had never heard of. It begins with a W. The lists are not in alphabetical order, but the different categories are provided. Schools are listed under the common everyday conversation names. None of that "THE" Ohio State University bullshit. Five more words. Two more. Done.