Featured Fanpost: Matt Canada is the perfect short-term option for the Pitt Coordinator job

PITTSBURGH, PA. -- The Pitt faithful have been quick to point out the massive success Matt Canada had with the Pitt offense in 2016, especially how he tore up some of the best defenses in the country. According to PGHSportsNow, Pat Narduzzi and Matt Canada have discussed a return to Pitt for the OC job, and both sides left optimistic, but talks have either been kept behind closed doors or slightly died down as of late. As soon as Panther fans heard this news they were quick to flood Canada's mentions on Twitter, including me with my custom O Canada parody.

Jokes aside, Matt Canada runs an offense that is an ACC defense's nightmare, his spread motion offense keeps the defense moving at all times, and spreads out the defense with heavy wideout sets. Many have realized that Canada was the coordinator during Kenny Pickett's recruiting process, and he is the quarterback that is perfect for Canada's scheme, and we could expect an even better execution of Canada's numerous option plays, including his famous Shovel Option that got 12 touchdowns in 2016.

Matt Canada checks about all the boxes in terms of qualifications for the job, the one problem is that he would not be long-term, he is looking for a head coaching job, the good thing is the only way he would leave Pitt would be for a head coaching job this time around. Matt Canada will also have slightly unreasonable expectations due to his amazing success with Pitt.

As I said in my last fanpost about running a spread offense, a spread offense is perfect for the ACC. Canada also turned Pitt into a highly regarded team for recruiting while he was there, and everyone wanted to play for his offense. The recruiting class in his year was one of the best Pitt has had in a while, especially on offense. Canada seems interested to come back to play with the cards he drew, and he certainly knows which ones to play and how to play them.

Matt Canada's track records with mobile QB's are kind of good, Russell Wilson is not a bad quarterback right? He turned Russell Wilson into an absolute unit while he was at Wisconsin, getting over 600 rushing yards and more than 3,000 passing yards, and obviously you know the rest of Wilson's story. It would be exciting to see how Kenny Pickett plays in Canada's offense.

Canada was offered $1 million to stay at Pitt as OC, but he declined because he simply wanted to move on. It is time to forgive him for that, because who wouldn't take a job at a school like LSU in his situation.

To conclude, I think it would be an absolute treat to watch his perfect motion jet sweep and shovel passes again.