Featured Fanpost: Pitt Can Keep Narduzzi

Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports

This article was written by a reader and not a member of the Cardiac Hill staff

After the debacle against Notre Dame, many people have been calling for the firing of head coach Pat Narduzzi. There are many convincing arguments for this, especially that aside from some great wins against highly ranked teams, Pitt has had a rather pedestrian record. Over Pat Narduzzi’s tenure as the head coach Pitt is 39-33, which is a little over .500. Other Pitt coaches with a similar record have been fired or have left the program.

Another reason to fire Narduzzi is that it appears that he has lost the team, which played poorly in these last four losses. Coaches who have appeared to have lost the team (Majors II, Wannsteadt) have been fired. It appears that Narduzzi has lost this Pitt team. He certainly has lost the fans, and likely the boosters, too.

The main reason stated for retaining Pat Narduzzi is that he recently had an extension and it would cost too much to keep paying him while simultaneously paying a new coach, especially if Pitt wanted to go after a highly regarded coach.

And that is the crux of the issue. Pitt is paying Narduzzi to compete for ACC championships, which he did once and lost resoundingly. As the Notre Dame debacle showed, a football team coached by Pat Nauduzzi is unlikely to compete for championships any time soon. Instead Pitt will likely have a record closer to .500.

Here’s the solution. Keep Pat Narduzzi, but pay him commensurate with his record, which means instead of paying him what is the third highest salary in the ACC, pay him what the coaches in the middle of the pack get paid. Due to all of the secrecy about Narduzzi’s salary we do not know what his salary is, but it is clearly twice what he deserves.