How Former Big East FB Teams have Fared

There have been 6 teams added to the ACC (and one subtracted) since the beginning of the 21st century. Pitt and Syracuse were numbers 4 and 5. (Some would even say Louisville shouldn't count as former Big East... but I won't get into that). How have these teams done in the new league?


First, let's talk about Pitt football...

Pitt's Big East bowl record: 4-7 (36%)

Pitt's ACC-era bowl record: 2-4 (33%)

Pitt won 58% of their games during the final 12 Big East seasons

Pitt's averaging just under 54% wins now in the ACC.


Pitt football is performing at virtually the same level now as it was in the final years of the Big East. The biggest difference is that the Panthers played an average of just over 7 power five opponents per season during their Big East years, but they are now playing an average of 10 P5 games per season.

__________ Here is an overview, along with Miami, VT, BC and Syracuse (if you're interested) __________

In general, the old Big East teams have pulled their weight in football, but surprisingly not in basketball:

Miami is the one exception to the good football rule, as the Canes took a nose dive as soon as they joined the ACC:

Virginia Tech is about the same as they were in the Big East, but they play a little tougher schedule and are no longer getting New Year's Six bowls thanks to Clemson and Florida State:*

Boston College is what we thought they were - a good football team that is a tough competitor, can upset blue bloods in bowl games, but hasn't looked like a national championship threat:

Syracuse was probably the only team added specifically for basketball - although that's not to say they aren't expected to pull their own weight in football. Not that they were doing that at the end of their Big East years...

What are YOUR thoughts? Did I get Pitt right? What about the other teams?