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John Johnson and Jaylen Bond To Play In Eddie Griffin Challenge

Pitt basketball recruits John Johnson and Jaylen Bond will play in this weekend's Eddie Griffin Challenge. The tournament features some of the best sophomores, juniors, and seniors from Philadelphia against some of New Jersey's best.

The event began in 2003 and has continued after Griffin's death in 2007. Big East fans remember that Griffin played for Seton Hall before his NBA career. He died in a car crash.

Sterling Gibbs, brother of Pitt guard Ashton Gibbs and former Pitt recruit, will also be playing. Zags Blog has the full rundown on all of the rosters.

Gibbs, Bond, Johnson and fellow Pitt player, Lamar Patterson, also all played last year. Johnson took home the MVP honors for his team.

Also, here's a little more about the event including game times.