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Pitt Football: More Mike Haywood Arrest Details Surfacing

The Post-Gazette, as is pretty much standard, is the first one with more details on the Mike Haywood arrest.

The paper reports some news as to, well, what happened:

Mr. Haywood was charged with domestic battery and lodged in the St. Joseph County, Ind. jail after the incident, which began unfolding about 2:30 p.m. central time at his home on Hawthorne Meadow Drive in South Bend. Officers were called there for a "domestic violence situation" in which the woman said Mr. Haywood had choked and assaulted her, Assistant police chief William Redman said.

When officers had separated her from Mr. Haywood, she told them she was "trying to leave the house with the child and he didn't want her to leave," Mr. Redman said. "Thats when the verbal turned physical."

He wouldn't disclose the woman's name but described her as a "girlfriend." He wasn't sure if she had been living in the home with Mr. Haywood.

Again, as I mentioned in the initial post, this isn't good. Even if it comes out that facts have been misrepresented, etc., it still looks awful for both Haywood and for Pitt to be linked to something like this.
Pitt, rightfully, is apparently laying low on everything until more facts are known.
And, by the way, Steve Pederson, who had already taken a pretty big hit by many for maybe not making a smart hire, will probably get slammed for this - right or wrong.
For more news, check out the SB Nation Pittsburgh Storystream on this - we'll be covering it over there as well.