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Pitt Football: Phil Bennett Jumping Ship To Baylor

This isn't a huge surprise since Pitt's coaching search is underway. A new candidate likely wouldn't retain defensive coordinator Phil Bennett (and you could argue he's been the one consistency in this whole mess), so it appears he's headed to Baylor.

He's apparently making a lateral move to become Baylor's defensive coordinator. That may be a minor surprise, but fact is, he's gotta eat, too. Better to take another defensive coordinator job at 7-6 Baylor than have no job at all.

Plus, he's from Texas, went to Texas A&M, was a coordinator at Texas A&M and TCU, and was a head coach Southern Methodist, so it's safe to say he's familiar with the area. This appears to be a good landing spot for him.

The good news for Pitt is that he's not completely bailing on the team. He'll still be around to serve as Pitt's head coach for tomorrow's BBVA Compass bowl game.

The evil part of me, of course, wonders how much fun it could have been if he left early.