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College Football Predictions: Top Big East Games Of 2011

Picking the best Big East games this year might be kind of like picking the least deformed fish out of the Allegheny River.

We kid because we love.

Seriously, though, Athlon has released their top ten Big East games of 2011. Not too surprisingly, Pitt figures into a lot of them - five, to be exact.

Included in those games are:

No. 10: Cincinnati Vs. Pitt

No. 9: Syracuse Vs. Pitt

No. 6: Notre Dame Vs. Pitt

No. 4: South Florida Vs. Pitt

No. 1: Pitt Vs. West Virginia

The Backyard Brawl is likely the pick as the conference's biggest game by most, to no surprise. Athlon also goes on to pick winners and says the Panthers will finish 3-2 over those games, losing to WVU and Notre Dame.

Was a little surprised to not see Pitt's games against Iowa or even Utah as top ten picks (though they were in the 'Other Games to Watch' category). I'd probably put either of those games above the Pitt-Syracuse contest.

Be sure to click on the link and see the remaining top ten games.