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Pitt Football: Former Panther Bill Stull Hopes To Be Back With Pittsburgh Power Next Season

Former Pitt quarterback Bill Stull hasn't been out of school all that long, but he's already been around the block a few times. In the past year, Stull's played for the Kansas City Chiefs, a UFL team, and two AFL squads. One of those AFL teams was the new Pittsburgh Power team - and Stull is hoping to be back again next season.

Sure, he'd obviously like to play in the NFL instead, but Stull seems like he'd be perfectly content suiting up in Pittsburgh again in the AFL:

I don’t really picture myself going anywhere else now unless an NFL team comes calling. My family is here and my friends are here and I’ve got relationships here that I’ve had since I moved here, so I’d love to be here for a while. There’s nothing like playing for your hometown and absolutely my goal will be starting next season.

Stull started for the Spokane Shock before an injury forced him off the field. He then joined the Power and started the final game for the team against the Philadelphia Soul when he went 24-40 for 260 yards.

From the NFL to the UFL to the AFL - lots of transition ... including learning new rules:

"I came [into the AFL] not knowing a lot, except the field is shorter, and it’s indoors," Stull said. "It’s a whole different game, and really, at times, faster and more exciting.

Faster? More exciting? What's he talking about, Todd Graham's new offense? Seriously, he may not be an NFL quarterback, but he's played well in the AFL and should have a pro career of some sort if he wants it.