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Pitt Football: Tight End Brock DeCicco Transfers To Wisconsin

Pitt head coach landed a transfer from Wisconsin earlier this season in running back Zach Brown. Turnabout is fair play as the Badgers picked up former Panther tight end Brock DeCicco on Friday.

Unlike Brown, DeCicco will need to sit out this season as he hasn't graduated yet. Considering that the transfer came so late, it would have been hard for him to make an impact this season anyway even if he were eligible.

It was rumored that DeCicco was probably leaving, then was later confirmed.

He visited the school on Friday and it didn't take that long to make a decision.

Pitt has several other tight ends on the roster behind Hubie Graham, but it looks like Andrew Carswell is going to be the biggest beneficiary of DeCicco leaving.

DeCicco wasn't used much thus far because Dorin Dickerson and Mike Cruz were both ahead of him the past two seasons. He was a pretty sought after recruit (offers from Wisconsin, Tennessee, Iowa, and others) and in a pro set offense, would have likely seen a great deal of time on the field this season - especially with the departure of Mike Cruz.

Things had to be frustrating for him and I wrote before, I give him credit for sticking it out and giving Graham's system. It would have been far easier to transfer immediately upon Graham's arrival and try to latch on somewhere else a bit sooner.