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Pitt Football: Phil Steele Offers His Big East Rankings

Phil Steele recently releassed his college football All-Conference rankings and several Pitt players made the cut.

Leading the way are first-teamers Ray Graham, Chris Jacobson, Cam Saddler, Brandon Lindsey and Max Gruder. Lucas Nix, Chad Alexcih, Greg Williams, and Jarred Holley made the second team. The third team included Tino Sunseri, Mike Shanahan, Myles Caragein, and K'Waun Williams. Devin Street, Hubie Graham, and Antwuan Reed made the fourth team.

The thing that stands out the most is that Saddler was named as a first-team punt returner, though there appears to be a pretty good chance that he may lose that job to Buddy JacksonWe all know about Jackson's apparent opportunity to return kicks, so I wouldn't be surprised if he had the chance to return punts as well.

I also think that Shanahan and Street may be ranked a bit low. If the offense puts up the kind of numbers it's expected to, then one or both of those guys should have pretty good seasons. Sunseri had the big Spring game, passing for more than 400 yards in the wind and rain, so I'm expecting big things from the receivers - who, by the way, are both pretty good.

Lastly,why fourth team isn't exactly an unbelievably high standard, I found it interesting that tight end transfer Hubie Graham made it. Without Mike Cruz, Graham and Brock DeCicco will have a chance to start and Steele apparently things Graham will have a nice season.

Steele, for the record, also has Pitt at No. 27 in the nation.