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Pitt Basketball Recruiting: Jaylen Bond Changes Gears, Heads To Texas Longhorns

We're all familiar with the Jaylen Bond story. Quality recruit comes to Pitt as part of an under-the-radar Jamie Dixon class, but then decommits in the wake of Pitt being over the scholarship limit.

Sure, the chance that he would come back to Pitt existed, but it was a slim one. So Bond was off to prep school to regroup while offers came in - reportedly from Penn State, Tennessee, Maryland, and a few others. But in the end, it was the Texas Longhorns who swept in for his services.

But Bond isn't just headed to Texas - he's bypassing prep school altogether with plans to enroll sooner rather than later:

"I just committed to Texas," he stated. "I’m very excited about the opportunity to be a Longhorn. I will not be attending St. Thomas Moore, I will be enrolling early at Texas, instead."

Going to Texas doesn't surprise me - especially when you see the other schools vying for his services. Plus, it's a school that lost some key players and his services could be needed - right away. Bond should get more of a chance to contribute more as a freshman than he would have at Pitt where a redshirt was likely.

The only roadblock, apparently, is that Pitt may need to officially release him from the scholarship so that he can play right away. We don't know the exact circumstances of his departure, but we know that Pitt was over the scholarship limit. It's hard to imagine that Pitt wouldn't give him the necessary release - especially since he's not staying in the conference.