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Season Previews Are Flowing; More Ray Graham Praise

Quick note here, but the L.A. Times has a Pitt season preview (via the Sports Network) up and running.

Usual stuff - move along, nothing to see here. But I did enjoy this quote from Brandon Lindsey:

"It's almost impossible to tackle him," says Pitt defensive end Brandon Lindsey of Ray Graham. "He's gotten a lot stronger in the weight room this offseason, and gotten a lot faster. You're going to see a whole new Ray Graham this year, and he's going to be 10 times better than last year."

Ten times better? Stronger and a lot faster? Sure, I'm well aware there's probably some overexaggeration going on here, but if Graham is even a bit better than last year (and why wouldn't he be?), he's going to be some player in 2011. Tino is the key to how far Pitt goes, but Graham is Pitt's best player and they'll be relying on him in a big way this year.

Got me looking forward even more to the opener in less than two weeks.