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Pitt Football: Mick Williams Taken Into Custody

Time for a break from the Pitt football coaching carousel update. But unfortunately, it's not exactly great news for former Pitt player Mick Williams. When you're not playing professionally and your name is in the news after you've played at a school, a lot of times it isn't good news.

And, that's the case here.

Former Panther Mick Williams was taken into custody after they had to forcibly enter a home where he was at. The somewhat ironic part is that they weren't even there looking for him:

A former Pitt football star with NFL aspirations was taken into custody after a brief standoff with Monessen police and Westmoreland County deputy sheriffs Wednesday.

Police Chief Mark Gibson said officers and deputies took Ernest "Mick" Williams, 24, of Reed Avenue, into custody on warrants after forcibly entering the home of William Sanders, same address.

The standoff lasted a couple hours after police were denied access to the home at 11:14 a.m.

"We went there looking for Milton Sanders, whom we were told might be staying there," Gibson said.

Milton Sanders is the brother of William Sanders.

It wasn't a pretty situation apparently as police allowed in, despite having a search warrant:

Gibson said that after being denied access, authorities had to stand outside the home until obtaining a search warrant from Magisterial District Judge Joseph Dalfonso, of Monessen.

Despite the search warrant, the people inside the home still refused to open the door.

"We had to forcibly go inside the house," Gibson said.

So why was Williams taken into custody? Apparently, he had several traffic warrants. But after he was brought before the Judge, he was released.

For Mick, unfortunately, this was the second time in a little over a month that he's been in trouble.

Mick signed with the Bears and Jets as an undrafted free agent after last season.