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Pitt Football: Todd Graham Discusses QB Competition

Time for another semi-regular football interruption of March Madness. Plus, Spring Practice starts tomorrow and now's as good a time as any.

Brian Bennett of recently sat down with Todd Graham to discuss a bunch of things, including Pitt's quarterback competition.

Graham still didn't give much indication which way he's leaning:

Let's talk about the quarterback position. How much of an edge does Tino Sunseri have after starting all of last year?

Of course, going into the spring, he started last year, so he's the guy to beat out. But we feel really good about [Mark] Myers. The guy can really throw the football, is a true passer, a drop-back pro-style type quarterback. Tino is more in the manner of what G.J. Kinne was at Tulsa -- he can throw the ball and run the ball. He has a good balance and is very efficient, completing 65 percent of his passes last year. And then the [Anthony] Gonzalez kid is an athlete. The guy can run and was big time playmaker, and we're excited to see him because we have no film on him other than high school.

We're excited about what we've seen with all three guys. Then Kolby Gray, who played defensive back last year after a shoulder injury, we put him there to have a fourth guy. And that's where his heart is, and we've been impressed with him. So we've got four guys there we feel good about. Tino, I feel really good about how he'll adjust to his system.

Graham hasn't really said which direction he's leaning,. Sunseri's got the most experience, but I don't think that's going to be the only factor. Graham is essentially starting with a clean slate at Pitt and while Sunseri may offer more short-term success, I don't think that's what Graham is looking for. I believe Graham would be willing to sacrifice a few victories in 2011 in order to get the right guy at QB.

We should all know more in about a month after the Spring game.