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NFL Lockout: Former Panther Larry Fitzgerald Expects No NFL Games To Be Missed

No, this isn't an NFL site. But former Pitt wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald made his prediction on when the NFL lockout will end and why. He also spoke about a few other things including five-star recruit Rushel Shell.

On hand for Pitt's Spring game over the weekend, Fitz predicted that the lockout will be over before the games begin for a simple reason:

All-Pro wide receiver and former Pitt All-American Larry Fitzgerald of the Arizona Cardinals said the NFL owners' lockout of the players will end before any games are missed for the simplest of reasons:

"There is too much money at stake, too many jobs on the line."

That's pretty much where I come out on it as well - too much money to be made. Plus, while the owners can afford to suffer the loss of an NFL season, a player with six cars might not be able to.
Fitzgerald also mentioned he had the ear of super recruit for 2012, Rushel Shell, earlier this season:

"Hopefully, we can get the next great running back from (Hopewell) to come over this way, and we can be back to where we need to be," he said.

Check out the full article - he also offered some brief thoughts on Dave Wannstedt and Todd Graham.