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Pitt Football: Todd Graham And Dana Holgorsen To Battle Sooner Than Expected?

First off, if you haven't been following SB Nation West Virginia blog, the Smoking Musket, regarding all this Dana Holgorsen/Bill Stewart/Moonshine Beer Sales stuff, you've been missing out. They've had great coverage on all of this stuff and have been the 'go to' place for WVU news.

So with that said, it's looking like we could see Todd Graham and Dana Holgorsen face off a lot sooner than the one-year timeline since West Virginia could be looking to buy out current head coach Bill Stewart.

This whole fiasco is ... just that - a fiasco. I really can't call it anything but that. The fact that Holgorsen was reportedly bounced from a casino? Well, that's not a great thing, but far from a fireable offense. But the fact that Stewart was apparently trying to get reporters to dig up dirt on him? Man, that's just nuts.

Now, the whole coach-in-waiting thing has always been extremely sketchy to me.I wrote back when Holgorsen when rumored to be the pick at WVU that it could be a really dicey situation if Stewart had a big season. After all, how would that move play out if Stew had gone 11-1 and went to a BCS game?

But, well, you can scratch all that because it doesn't matter.

It became pretty evident the minute that Colin Dunlap opened his mouth about Stewart wanting to knock Holgorsen down a notch that there was no way they could both work together for a full season. Just wasn't going to happen and Chas over at Pitt Blather gives his two cents, basically saying the same thing.

The situation of working with each other when Stewart would like to have remained the coach was already an iffy one. After all, could you imagine Dave Wannstedt sticking around at Pitt if they had offered to give him one more year only to be replaced by Mike Haywood? Of course not. The situation of a lame duck/head-coach-in-waiting thing can only work out if the current leader wants to willingly step down.

And that clearly wasn't the case.