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Dana Holgorsen To West Virginia

Pitt's coaching search looks like it might take a little longer with several news outlets reporting that Oklahoma State offensive coordinator Dana Holgorsen is headed to Morgantown.

Colin Dunlap of the PG says that he'll replace West Virginia's Bill Stewart in 2012 after serving as offensive coordinator in 2011.

Hard to tell how to feel about this. Sure, you can argue that Holgorsen was one of the best candidates out there. But that doesn't necessarily mean he was the best for Pitt. Time will tell. All indications, though, are that he could be a good find.

But back to WVU - It's a little surprising that they were willing to get rid of Stewart so quickly, but if you read what WVU fans have to say out on the internet, then you know that many of them were as frustrated as some Pitt fans were with Wannstedt. The difference is that the Mountaineers had tasted a bit more success prior to Stewart taking over for Rich Rodriguez. Despite three straight nine-win seasons, it's clear the university expects more.

And here's the thing - what if West Virginia happens to go 11-1 next season and goes to the BCS? Does Stewart still ride off into the sunset so quietly? I can't imagine that Holgorsen takes this job without a guarantee of being installed as the head coach next season. He's obviously too hot a prospect to make a lateral move. What really would be best for West Virginia is if Stewart resigned after this season.

But logic abandoned ship a long time ago.