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Mike Haywood's Staff At Pitt To Be Brand New

We all knew that new Pitt coach, Michael Haywood, was likely to have a mostly new staff of assistants. Word broke on Tuesday that the entire staff will be new.

In an interview with Rivals radio, Haywood confirmed that none of the Panthers' coaches would be back:

"We're bringing in nine new assistant coaches," he said in an interview with Rivals Radio.

Defensive coordinator Phil Bennett took the news in stride:

"It's a changing of the guard," Bennett said. "Mike's got to have his guys, and that's totally understandable. It's the way of the business.

"Sometimes, you have a connection, and some get to stay. But there's not any (hard feelings) when this happens. I don't think anybody is upset. They know it's standard."

I was really hoping Haywood would find a way to keep at least one guy - Jeff Hafley. Even if Hafley didn't stick around as a coach, losing him as a recruiter was obviously a blow. But the article mentioned that Haywood at least reached out to Hafley and asked him to stick around, so it's not like Pitt didn't try to keep him.

Morris Watts, offensive coordinator at Miami-Ohio, will apparently be the OC at Pitt.

And just when I thought this situation couldn't get any worse, Haywood does something like this - AND TOTALLY REDEEMS HIMSELF.