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Pitt Football: Jeff Hafley Speaks About Departure's Brian Bennett caught up with ex-Pitt coach Jeff Hafley and asked him about his move to Rutgers.

Hafley is admitting that his job should be much easier now.

"It's a different dynamic," he said Thursday. "I was trying to convince them to come six hours away from their home, and that's not easy to do. Now I just have to convince them to stay home in the the state they live in. It should be easier."

He also said Rutgers, like everyone else, may now be coming after Pitt recruits:

"I've talked to some of them, and I'll talk to Coach Schiano to see if there are guys we want," he said.

I've also found it mildly interesting that Hafley is still without an official position. Apparently Greg Schiano has seen Pitt's secondary and I'm expecting to see Hafley named as something of a 'special assistant' used solely for recruiting purposes. He may not be a bad coach, but his secondary units at Pitt have clearly underperformed.

And maybe it's just me, but Halfey's last statement comes off as a bit arrogant to me. See if there are you guys you want? What, like four-star recruits aren't good enough for Rutgers? RUTGERS? Please.

I've always found the dynamic of recruiting players at one school and then going after the same exact guys at another school a bit odd. You're doing everything you can to convince them that your school is the best one. Then, a few weeks later, you're saying that your current school is now the place to be. How's that work, anyway? I'm not saying Hafley can't go after Pitt's players - that would be insane. I'd just love to be in on that conversation as he tries to bring some of these kids to Rutgers after only months ago essentially telling them that Rutgers wasn't as good a place to be as Pitt.

Either way, Hafley is a heck of a recruiter and definitely a loss for Pitt.