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EA Sports 2012 NCAA Football Team Rankings: Pitt Rates Second In Big East

I'm not all that much into video games these days ... though I found time to buy a Wii and Playstation 3 that I barely play. But I pick up the EA Sports NCAA games fairly regularly and the official rankings for the 2012 (yes, you're right, seems like we just got to 2011) game are now out. Pitt fares pretty well (at least in conference).

The Panthers picked up a rating of B+ overall. The whole conference is pretty darned mediocre, though - just the way it figures to be in the regular season. No team got higher than a B+ or lower than a B-. West Virginia was the only team to top Pitt in the final tallies, rating 26th overall in the game. Pitt was 46th.

Swing by SB Nation blog Big East Coast Bias' site - they've got the full rankings up with some analysis.

Yes, we're now all analyzing video games of our favorite teams. College football season can't get here fast enough.