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Hornets' Aaron Gray Says 'Show Me The Money'

Former Pitt center (and current New Orleans Hornets center, in case you didn't know) Aaron Gray apparently isn't willing to settle. Looks like that 12-point performance in the playoffs against the Lakers got the big man thinking.

And with that, Gray has politely declined his $1.1M player option for next season in the hopes of getting more.


The Trib-Review's article points out, though, that Gray could welcome a return to the Hornets:

However, Gray's agent said the 7-foot, 270-pound center remains open to returning to New Orleans.

"I think he really enjoyed being with New Orleans, the opportunity to come free made it a good time to explore the market for him," said Jason Zanik, one of Gray's representatives, told the New Orleans Times-Picayune. The Times-Picayune

In all seriousness, Gray's 12-point game against L.A. in the playoffs was one of the last thing GMs will have seen of him. These are the types of games that land big men big deals (see Jim McIlvaine - he of the seven-year $33M deal after averaging less than three points per game).

Centers are tough to come by and Gray is a more than capable backup. I don't blame him for opting out of that deal as it's possible he could double that per season on a multi-year deal if he finds the right team.

That pesky lockout thing will hold any potential deal up for now, but Gray will eventually get his contract.