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Pitt Football: Pitt Vs. Iowa Scheduled For Noon Kickoff

Like 2008 when Pitt eeked out a one-point win against Iowa, get ready for more 'Hey, did you know the Iowa Hawkeyes patterned their uniforms after the Steelers?'

Yeah, dude - I get it.

Pitt doesn't have many road games in 2011 - only four to be exact. One of those is a non-conference matchup with the Iowa Hawkeyes on September 17th and the game time has been announced for noon.

But more importantly, the game was picked up for a national broadcast, putting the Panthers in the spotlight again.

As Big East blogger Andrea Adelson points out, Pitt is now on national TV for half of their games next year.

I'm on record as saying I think Pitt can put together a pretty successful season, despite all the offseason turmoil. A big reason for that is that home-loaded schedule with eight of Pitt's twelve games being played at the ketchup bottle. The Iowa game is going to be an interesting one. Pitt has two games it should win before that (Maine and Buffalo), but then gets its first true test on the road at Iowa.