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Pitt Football: Bill Fralic Out, Pat Bostick In

Pat Bostick has traded his jersey in for a microphone (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Pat Bostick has traded his jersey in for a microphone (Photo by Jared Wickerham/Getty Images)
Getty Images

Yeah, I know this is a bit late, but I wanted to finally get around to mentioning that Pat Bostick is replacing Bill Fralic on the Pitt radio broadcast.

To start - let's not make more of this than there is. Remember, these are radio broadcasts. Diehard Pitt fans are generally at the game or watching on TV. Unless you're constantly traveling locally in the area or turn up the radio broadcasts over the TV broadcasts, this isn't likely to affect you very much other than for an occasional road contest that's not televised.

That said, the move is noteworthy. Fralic was a true throwback, but not someone so old to make you think he was out of touch with reality. He was also a link to some of the last true great Pitt teams and that kind of insight counts for something. Plus, I always got the sense I was getting a good mix of rooting for the home team but telling it like it is from him.

So why the switch now? Go ahead, admit it - when you first heard the news you immediately thought back to him slamming AD Steve Pederson during the firing-hiring-firing-hiring fiasco. At least I know I did.

But that apparently isn't the case:

Sources close to Fralic said his feelings about Pederson's handling of the coaching situation didn't help matters, but they weren't a major factor in his decision to leave.

I'm inclined to believe that. If it was solely the Pederson thing, then why wouldn't he have quit earlier? Fralic, in that article, apparently cited travel overload as the main culprit.

Again, perfectly fine.

What's odd, though, is that Steve Pederson is again playing hide and seek.
The Post-Gazette article goes on:

Pederson did not comment on Fralic's resignation and Bostick's hiring -- the statement issued by Pitt came from sports information director EJ Borghetti.

This is kind of a footnote buried in the piece, but I think it's worth a mention. No comment from the AD? Look, I understand that it's not Pederson's responsibility to comment on every (or probably even most) media hires. But Fralic isn't a communications grad who's been with the university for five years and moving on to another job. He's a freakin' alumni of the football program and has been a part of Pitt's family for about 30 years. To me, that deserves the obligatory, 'We're sorry to see Bill leave - he's been an instrumental part of Pitt football for many years.'

And if it's the whole thing about Fralic calling for his firing - please. There are plenty of ways that Pederson could tactfully make a statement about the move.

Maybe he did comment later on, but I'd argue that in this case, Pederson should have been involved in the announcement up front along with E.J.

Bostick? Well, in a nutshell, I think he's a great choice. He's an ex-player, which I like, and he seems to be a smart chap. That's all I got.

And not to throw too many things into one post, but there was also this nugget in the P-G piece:

With the color analyst job filled the next position that needs a decision made on is the sideline reporter spot which was held by 93.7 FM host John Seibel last season.

Seibel angered members of Pitt's coaching staff and administration last year with the questions he asked at news conferences and by being overly critical of Wannstedt and then Pederson on his daily talk show.

Wannstedt confronted Seibel at the Panthers regular season finale at Cincinnati and members of his staff complained even though he was working for the university broadcast team.

That's crazy - maybe it's old news but it's the first I've heard of it. I'd love to know the questions that he asked to get him removed from that spot (assuming he didn't leave on his own). 93.7 is the flagship of the football team and with Wannstedt now gone, it's somewhat surprising that Seibel, barring the fact that he didn't make a complete jerk of himself, couldn't now come back and be given another shot.