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2011 College Football Preseason Rankings: All-Big East Preseason Team

Our good friends over at Big East Coast Bias have coordinated with our SB Nation Big East football schools to create an All-Big East preseason team.

Here's my team (after the jump).


QB - Zach Collaros (Cincinnati)

WR - Tavon Austin (WVU)

WR - DJ Woods (Cincinnati)

RB - Ray Graham (Pitt)

RB - Isaiah Pead (Cincinnati)

C - Moe Petrus (UConn)

OL - Don Barclay (WVU)

OL - Lucas Nix (Pitt)

OL - Justin Pugh (Syracuse)

OL - Mike Ryan (UConn)

TE - Nick Provo (Syracuse)



DL - Bruce Irvin (WVU)

DL - Jesse Joseph (UConn)

DL - Brandon Mills (Cincinnati)

DL - Julian Miller (WVU)

LB - Brandon Lindsey (Pitt)

LB - Sio Moore (UConn)

LB - JK Schaffer (Cincinnati)

DB - Jarred Holley (Pitt)

DB - Keith Tandy (WVU)

DB - Blidi Wreh-Wilson (UConn)

DB - Hakeem Smith (Louisville)



K - Ross Krautman (Syracuse)

P - Chris Philpott (Louisville)

RS - Nick Williams (UConn)

I really don't have many comments here, but I will say that like Dana Holgorsen, I'm not completely sold on Geno Smith. Zach Collaros will put points on the board. Now whether Cincinnati can play any defense is another matter entirely.

Head over to Big East Coast Bias later today for the cumulative conference rankings.