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2011 Preseason College Football Rankings: SB Nation Ranks Pitt 2nd In Big East

On Friday, I revealed my Big East rankings for the preseason. The cumulative SB Nation Big East rankings are now out and are pretty similar to my thoughts.

SB Nation's Big East bloggers have West Virginia at No. 1 and Pitt No. 2. Here are the full conference rankings as voted by SB Nation's conference blogs:

1. West Virginia

2. Pitt

3. South Florida

4. Cincinnati

5. Syracuse

6. Louisville

7. Rutgers

8. UConn

The biggest surprise to me was that Cincinnati came in fourth. I slotted the Bearcats at 3rd in my rankings and thought that could be a huge reach because of their defense. But apparently I'm not the only one who expects them to have a respectable season.

I also expected the Huskies to get a bit more respect, even though I also placed them last. Pretty hard to go from first to worst, but UConn may accomplish just that this season.