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Pitt Football: Panthers Sighting On ESPN3

Not in town to see Pitt take on Buffalo and Maine in their first two games of the year? Well if you live out of town, have no fear - you'll still be able to catch Pitt's lesser non-conference matchups on ESPN3 this season.

No, it's not ideal - frankly, I hate watching games on the computer and even hooking the laptop up to the TV doesn't cut it for me. Still, it's better than nothing I suppose. Let's face it - there was no way these games were going to make it anywhere else.

Fellow SB Nation blog Big East Coast Bias has word that Pitt will be on the website twice. UConn, Rutgers, Cincinnati, and Syracuse also have some lesser games scheduled there as well.

If you're in town, though, ESPN3 is hardly an excuse to stay home instead of heading to Heinz Field. Todd Graham's 'high-octane' offense just won't be the same on a computer screen, after all.