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Anthony Gonzalez Suspension Defined

Lost in all of the Chad Voytik madness from yesterday was the fact that we've finally learned more about Anthony Gonzalez' suspension. Todd Graham confirmed it's unsurprisingly two games.

That's right - Gonzo is going to miss games against Buffalo and Maine.

Predictable? Maybe, but I'm not going to accuse Graham of taking the high road on this.

Two games is probably about right in my opinion, regardless of who the opponents are. Even if you're of the belief that Gonzalez has been spared missing the Iowa game because he may be needed, I have a hard time believing that he'd be the backup for that game right out of the gate. That said, Graham has said he'll be available to participate in training camp, so he shouldn't be that far behind when he does come back.

The fact is that Graham had to do something substantial. After all the talk about accountability, it had to be done - and Graham knows it:

"A championship program has to be built on accountability and discipline, on and off the field," Graham said. "We know Anthony will learn from this experience and be better for it moving forward."

So regarding the suspension, Todd Graham's verdict was probably just about right.